In order to produce perspective images and architectural films for real estate projects at Evis, the animators have to go through many stages. As follows:

Step 1. Customer sends project data and information to Evis
Customers send 2D design drawings of the project including:
• Autocad file of design drawings: master plan, location, project structure…
• Photos of construction materials: bricks (pave the lobby, rooms…), glass, wood, furniture (if any), paint the walls…
• Landscape sample photos, construction design requirements and other requirements

                                                             Apartment floor plan drawing


Step 2. Evis builds the building model
Evis uses the above material to build a 3D model of the project. This is the most important step in the process of making perspective photos and architectural perspective videos.
Building a 3D model is like real construction: after the builder has the design drawings, has all the building materials, starts construction, builds houses, apartment buildings, shopping centers, building the surrounding landscape – roads, planting trees, planting flowers, digging artificial lakes, building parks… then the architectural illustrators also use those things to build the entire construction. program in a virtual environment.
After completing this step, the artists of Evis have created an architectural work in accordance with the design and ideas of the investor to ensure that when the construction is complete, the actual work will be similar to the image shown. introduced to previous customers. This will help build the investors reputation among the public. Tell the truth.

Step 3. Make perspective photo and architectural perspective film
1. Making a perspective image:
• In that complete model, the animators will place the camera at the location required by the investor to take pictures of the work in the same proportions as in real life.
• There are many shooting angles such as:
+ Taken from above: bird’s eye perspective photo / overall / master plan
+ Take photos of the project face-to-face: photo of eye-level perspective / exterior perspective
+ Take photos from parks, swimming pools, gyms, community activities… utility perspective photos
• Photos taken to be printed must be washed (Rendering).
• To make the photo look more realistic and beautiful, the artists will photoshop to achieve the desired shimmering effect.

                                                                            Overall perspective photo

2. Making architectural perspective video:
• Similar to making perspective photos: use the camera to film the work.
• Rendering movie-Rendering: to have a movie, you need to render thousands of images according to the length of the movie (24 images/second)
• Write the script and read the commentary.
• Post-production editing.
• Produce finished film.

Our commitment: Bringing the best image quality to the project, in accordance with reality, not fancy, unrealistic, all proportions of works and construction materials are correct in design, so that customers customers, home buyers have an authentic view of the house they choose in the future. This will help the investor build a brand and resonate in the market, achieve revenue goals and work efficiency.