With Evis’ architectural 3D perspective technology, we provide a magical doorway to discover and foresee amazing structures before they actually exist. For us, creating 3D perspective images is not only about simulating space and shapes, but also about discovering and realizing unique and creative architectural ideas. We found that the must-have perspective image in every real estate project includes 7 categories:

1. Overall picture 

         Evis produced the overall image of the FLC Quy Nhon project , giving the impression of a place where nature and heaven harmonize  


The overall photo is a photo taken from above with a panoramic view of the building, with a panoramic view of the entire project and visible external utility parts. The overall image of the project has 2 types of views for day and night, it describes some advantages around creating highlights for the project such as: traffic, residential areas, some external utilities and neighboring works. It is because of this importance that the 3D visualizations at Evis will carefully select the strengths, the perfect viewing angle of the project, creating the best first impression to the buyer.


2. Masterplan

Masterplan is the master plan / general plan image. This is an image of the entire project from above , with a perpendicular perspective to the project , describing some of the buildings , areas or facilities available outside . A quality masterplan image shows the contrast and logical division of the main and sub-sections, giving customers an accurate picture of what they will own in the future.


3. Face-to-face photo

                   Frontal image of FLC Quy Nhon project is accurately and detailed by Evis actors


Face-to-face photos, also known as exterior/eye-level photos. Face-to-face photos often show daylight, describe in detail the number of floors and sides of the building, and may include captions for the location of project facilities. This is an image that the naked eye can see from the outside of the project, so you will see a part of the traffic works and the surrounding scenes in the most realistic way.

4. Utility photo

                   Evis always chooses the most unique views for internal utility photos of projects

Utility photos include the internal works of the project such as: garden, lake, park, swimming pool, commercial center, .. At Evis, the expensive views of the utility will be rendered in 3d. Carefully selected gives the impression of a comfortable and classy living place. From there, the utility photos will be the highlight to increase the value of the project and convey the communication concept that the investor wants to achieve.

5. Interior photo

Interior photos include 3d photos of the interior of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and toilet. What makes the difference in interior photos that Evis makes is the way of space organization, harmonious layout, aesthetics and sophistication. From there, the buyer has a more specific, vivid and clear picture of the house, facilitating the sales process and signing the contract more effectively and quickly.

6. 2d floor plan

2d apartment floor plan photos with roofs depicting technical specifications, floor conventions, furniture, equipment and orientation of the house. 2D floor plan images help buyers visualize the area and proportions of areas in the house space to make the right choice for their family.


7. Isometric image

Like a 2d floor plan, an isometric image depicts the interior layout and rooms of the house. However, its advantage is that it is fully rendered in 3d so that the viewer has the most realistic feeling. With experience in many projects, the 3d animations at Evis will choose the viewing angle to make the space larger, giving priority to showing natural light, bringing the most delicate and aesthetic image.

Perspective images of real estate projects are indispensable tools in marketing plans. It is used to document all media campaigns of the investor such as posm publications (brochure, leaflet, sale KIT,…), as a reference for products. higher technology such as 3D advertising film, TVC, virtual reality products.

Depending on each project with different highlights and advantages, Evis’s architects will advise on the best view angle, helping to increase the value and ensure the accuracy of the project. Evis understands that its mission is to bring different colors and subtleties of the project to buyers in each perspective image. That makes effective communication, helps increase the value of the project, enhances the reputation of the Investor and creates a buzz in the real estate market.