Applying VR virtual reality technology in architecture

Today, if businesses want to maintain a competitive edge and succeed in business, it is imperative to keep up with the latest technologies. Customers prefer solutions that can provide more benefits and a better experience. Virtual reality technology has made rapid progress in recent years, which is evident in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. All designs will soon be done in virtual reality; allows users to fully immerse themselves in an operable 1:1 scale 3D model and provides an extremely accurate sense of presence in an unbuilt space.


1. Virtual Reality (VR) – Exploring space before construction:

With virtual reality technology, Evis allows customers to “step into” the architectural space before it is built. Through VR glasses and interactive experiences, clients can navigate the virtual environment, exploring every angle and detail of the building. This helps them better understand the overall architecture, space, light and create interaction with the space in the future. Virtual reality brings immersive experiences, helps customers make accurate decisions, and builds confidence in their architectural projects.


2. 360° images – Conquer the panorama:

With 360° images, Evis allows clients to experience a panoramic view of the architectural project. Through capturing and creating 360° images, we create an immersive and intuitive experience. Customers can rotate around, adjust their views and explore each element in the architectural space. This helps them have an overview and details of the building, from the interior to the surrounding landscape. 360° visuals are direct and exciting, helping clients convey ideas and build connections with the architectural project.


3. Advanced Technology – Combine and Build:

With technology constantly evolving, Evis is constantly discovering and applying the latest tools to deliver a great interactive experience. We use technologies such as interactive LEDs, touch screens and mobile apps to create multi-dimensional combinations and interactions in architectural projects. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we deliver unique experiences and create a connection between the client and the architecture.

With Evis Interactive Architecture, we bring boldness and creativity to the architecture industry. We do more than simply create impressive images, we also deliver unique interactive experiences, helping clients convey ideas and see the true potential of their architectural projects. Let Evis accompany you on your journey to create unique and inspiring interactive architectural masterpieces.